Who Did You Call a Frog?

A while back, I met a friend I hadn’t seen in a while, we talked about life and business, and then he asked me “what’s going on with you, how are you?”

Then I asked him,” Did you hear about the frog?”

He looked at me strangely and said,” What the hell are you talking about”?

What frog are talking about? What does a frog have to do with anything”?

I told him “did you hear about the frog that was stuck at the bottom of a ditch thirty feet deep and wanted to get out. Every day the frog would jump three feet but at night, the frog slipped two feet. How many days did it take the frog to climb out of the ditch?”

He asked me “what is this some kind a riddle?”

I replied, “Yes, it’s a riddle. How long will it take the frog to get out of the ditch?”

He did not understand my point and said, “I don’t know, I am not good at these things.”

I said to him “OK, forget about the fact that it is a riddle. I will give you the answer. Usually people answer instinctively that the answer is thirty days. According to the quick calculation that if every day the frog advanced towards getting out by three feet since it jumped three feet, but fell two feet then it will take the frog thirty days to get out of the ditch. However, that is not the correct answer.

The correct answer is 27 days. It will take the frog twenty-seven days to get out of the pit because by the 27th day the frog has already jumped three feet and has already managed to get out of the ditch. Therefore, the frog will not slip during the night the two feet it has slipped up until now.

I asked him “Do you understand?”

He said, “Okay, I get it, but what does it have to do with anything we were talking about? I asked you ‘how are you,’ and you tell me about some weird frog in some obscure riddle.”

I answered, “I am the frog”.

He looked at me again with that look he had previously looked at “you are a frog? Say, is everything okay with you? Are you taking care of yourself?”

I smiled, and told him “This riddle is like a parable for me and I feel like the frog in the riddle. I feel like every time I advance three steps I fall back two steps.”

Then he told me a sentence that really helped me change my attitude about life. He looked me in the eye and said, “At least you’re making progress”.

It took me a while to realize the magnitude and profundity of his insight. Such a short sentence yet so powerful.

Today when I think of this sentence, I realize how amazing it is and how true it is. At least I am in the process of growth. At least I am not stuck.

So many people if you meet them today or five years ago nothing at all has changed in their lives. They are in the same dead-end job in the same position with the same salary. They did not do one thing to move forward in life. They remain stuck.

Moreover, certain people are in whose condition than they were five years ago. Not only have they not progressed and not stayed where they were five years ago, today, their circumstances have deteriorated. They are lost. They no longer have a passion for life. They are already half dead. They self-indulge in some glorified past in which they remember being happier and more successful. A past that no longer exists.

Looking back, I really appreciate the insight of that person who told me that at least I’m advancing, and that it really is not obvious.

I was upset every time I felt I was moving forward three steps I was thrown back two steps. However, I did not focus on the one step that I did make. The one step closer towards the goals I set for myself and towards the future successes I wish for myself.

Today I understand the importance of focusing on the one step towards the goal and not on all the times I feel like I am being thrown back. Today I realize that in order to move forward in life we ​​will also have to deal with all those mishaps and inconveniences that life throws at us.

Today I comprehend that not everything is under our control and many times, we have to deal with problems and difficulties along the way. We have to learn to respond to our setbacks in a mature manner and come to terms with our limitations.

And so, I am a frog. And I am happy to be a frog.

If you read this far, then I am very glad that I was able to prove another point. The other point is that in order to convey messages in an interesting and thought-provoking manner, it is crucial and advisable to deliver these messages by using humorous stories, by using parables, or by telling jokes and anecdotes.

That is the immense power of storytelling!

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