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Laugh It Up

“Laugh It Up” is an entertaining, interesting and funny lecture on the topic of humor.

In a unique lecture, Shai Gelber discusses a wide range of fascinating subtopics and practical aspects of humor.

The lecture is interactive with the audience and is an enjoyable experience.

Join the tens of thousands of people who have already enjoyed Shai’s humorous lecture on humor.

The lecture: "Laugh It Up"

In a lecture that is accompanied with an engaging presentation, jokes, personal experiences, funny stories and audience participation, Shai expands on the following topics:

The lecture is excellent for companies, organizations, employee training, get-togethers, conferences, meetings, family affairs, parties, retreats, team building events, birthdays, seminars, employees enrichment, toasts, and businesses…

Shai Gelber is an expert on humor. He has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in English linguistics and he wrote his MA thesis on the discourse of humor. Currently, he writing a doctoral dissertation on humor at Bar-Ilan University.

Shai has spent the last fifteen years of his life on the research of humor and lectured in front of tens of thousands of people in lectures and workshops on the topic of humor in front of the largest companies.

Workshops for businesses

"Laugh It Up" Workshops:

A ‘teamwork skills building workshop’ intended for managers and employees at all levels:

'Professional training workshop' for sales, marketing and customer service by using humor.

An intensive and practical workshop that combines exercises, tasks, simulations and professional training through humor  intended for sales, marketing, customer service and the business entrepreneurs:

Interesting videos

Some of my clientele

Experiences of participants in lectures and workshops

The book

"Laugh It Up"

Using Humor to Improve your Health, Wealth and Happiness.

About the book:

I believe that the three most important things in life are health, wealth and happiness. There is a direct connection between these three. As well as a direct connection between humor to health, humor to wealth and humor to happiness. That is how I divided the book.

The book is written in a light and entertaining way with lots of humor. By reading the book, you will acquire practical tools and useful insights on how to utilize the benefits of laughter and humor in your daily life.

Humor is a wonderful tool that can be used to improve the quality of your life, your joy and the happiness of you and those around you.


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"Laugh It Up" Workshop

The first workshop of its kind in Israel that provides proven tools How to improve the quality of life, the joy of life, the health, Happiness and wealth with the help of humor!

From the press

Like many comedians, Shay Gelber also came to the realization that humor is the way he prefers to deal with a difficult experience he went through, and also decided to explore it, or more precisely stand-up, which according to him is a language like all languages. Now he is releasing a new book, and explains how we can all laugh at life and also answers the question that everyone wants to answer – how to be funnier
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Have you ever asked yourself: why do certain things make us laugh and other things don’t?
It is not for nothing that it is said that laughter is good for health! It turns out that you can take advantage of the benefits of laughter and humor in your everyday life because if we force ourselves to laugh, the brain will secrete the hormones that will make us feel better and lead to improvement in many areas of life.

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The last book belongs to the theoretical genre and is actually a kind of instructional book. The book, written by the international expert on humor, Shay Gelber, helps not only to laugh, but also to learn how to make humor a way of life, how to improve your level of happiness, wealth and health. The book is made up of 49 chapters, each chapter deals with a different topic: the way humor makes a person happier, how humor helps to deal with relationships, how to deal with cyberbullying with the help of humor, the importance of positive thinking, using self-humor as a way of life, and more.

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We all know humor and laughter are very essential to our lives in every aspect, but despite this knowledge it is easier for us to complain and grumble and less to laugh and live a life full of humor and joy, because as they say one smile is worth a thousand words, in his new book “Laughter Laughter But Seriously”, by the international humor expert, Shay Gelber, you can learn to turn humor into a way of life, thus improving the level of happiness, wealth and health in your life.

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“Laugh, laugh, but seriously”
The new book by the international expert on humor, Shay Gelber, will help you not only to laugh, but also to learn how to make humor a way of life, how to improve your level of happiness, wealth and health.

“An optimist and a pessimist enter the bar. They sit at the bar and order a glass of wine. The barman hands them the glass. The pessimist says to the barman, ‘The glass of wine you brought is half empty,’ the optimist says to the barman, ‘The glass is half full.’ An engineer catches them from the side And tells them ‘You two are talking nonsense, the glass is just twice as big as the amount of wine he poured for you’.

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"שיעור פרטי"

מתוך חדשות הבוקר אצל ניב רסקין בקשת 12


תינוק צוחק

Humor – not obvious

Humor, comedy, and stand-up have always intrigued me. The fact that there is someone with a microphone, who actually only “speaks” for about an hour

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תמונה של חמור

Hey Jackass!

One day a father and his son rode on their donkey from their small village to the big city. After 100 yards, someone stopped them

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דוקטור, תציל אותי!

What’s up, Doc?

I recently visited a doctor for a routine checkup. As usual, he asked me the same questions he asks everyone: “How old are you?” “What

קרא עוד »
אני וסבתא

Dear Grandma

Many years ago, I wrote a thank-you card to my grandmother for a gift she gave me for my birthday. A few years later, when

קרא עוד »

Who am I?
Moreover, why should you listen to me?

My name is Shai Gelber; I am an expert on humor. I have a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in Linguistics I am currently writing my doctoral dissertation on the discourse of humor. I have devoted fifteen years of my life to research on humor. I have devoted thousands of hours in enquiry and hundreds of hours of writing my MA thesis and my dissertation. I have read countless articles, academic papers and books on humor. The knowledge I acquired and the professional experience I have gained, I have put into my lectures and workshops on humor that I have been giving for over more than a decade. In these past several years, I have lectured in front of tens of thousands of people on the topic of humor. I have worked with some of the largest and most notable companies, organizations and government institutions. Including high-tech companies, low-tech companies, banks, insurance companies, financial companies, industrial companies and many government agencies.

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